Tuesday, April 6, 2010

A world of math practice with Math Galaxy!

As a member of the TOS Crew, I have had the opportunity to review two products from Math Galaxy, the Math Galaxy Fraction Riddles ebook and the Math Galaxy Whole Numbers Riddles ebook. Let me just say that what I like about both of these is that they combine straightforward practice in essential math skills with a touch of fun. What is it about riddles that propel kids through a worksheet they otherwise would whine and dawdle about?
I chose the ebook format, which is handy because I've got it and can print off what I need when I need it. The price, by the way, of each of these is $12.95. The Whole Numbers Riddles ebook contains 130 riddle worksheets, while the Fraction Riddles ebook has 215 riddle worksheets. They are in color, which is a nice touch, and include the answer keys, of course. Many paper practice books cost more and then you can only use them once. With these, I can reuse them with each child. I like that.

I taught fourth grade for several years, and now as a homeschooling mom, one of my biggest goals is to build a strong foundation in the basics. I am all about lots of math practice. The riddle worksheets in these ebooks do just that. They are full of just good, solid practice sheets. I think these are products that would complement just about any math curriculum. In fact, I don't know of any curriculum that actually couldn't benefit from some additional practice.

Even my younger daughter, who isn't as interested in math as her sister, gets engaged by a riddle. She loves to solve them, so she will focus on the problems and work diligently until she has the answer.

I can truly recommend these ebooks. To find out more about these and the other ebooks and software downloads available through Math Galaxy, click here. You can actually access a lot of freebies, too, which is always cool! To see a list of the products you can order, click on the "order" icon at the top. My impression of this company is that they are out to provide quality products and to listen to what customers have to say about them and what they offer. You can also check out the reviews of other TOS Crew members here.

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